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Open up to the world with TurkishExporter.Net! started its journey for “more export”, “more production and employment” principle and have been a solution partner of small and medium sized enterprises for their growth in foreign markets and finding new markets. It shares its foreign political, cultural and economic experiences with Turkish exporters. It has contributed to export operations of thousands of leading companies. It has brought manufacturers and those intending to export with leading worldwide companies. With its customer oriented services continues to be fellow of Turkish business people.

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After Ege Seramik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., which was founded in Izmir in 1972 by İbrahim Polat, started production in 1975, it gave weight to infrastructure, technology, design and quality standards especially in the nineties. It is currently in the position of one of the most important companies which dominates the sector with the consistent investment and the ambition for growth and with the innovations it has had the sector gain. Ege Seramik has approximately 24 million 300 thousand m²/year production capacity in the production plants in an area of 416.752 m2, 26 km. far from Izmir Port in Kemalpaşa, Izmir. Kurumsal Tanıtım Videosu Shares of the company open to public have been dealt in Stock Market İstanbul since 1992. Shares of the company were traded on Yıldız Market in 2016. Ege Seramik, which bears a number of the first in the sector, contributed to development of the sector by introducing digital printing technology to Turkish Ceramic Sector with the mark "Digital Tile by Ege Seramik" in 2009. Ege Seramik is maintaining the goal of producing products as real as the real ones which it connects them with this important technology with the slogan "Perfect Nature, Perfect Beauty". Ege Seramik is the first company to be entitled to have ISO 9001 certificate. ISO 14001 Environment Management System certificate, which enables production to be realized by considering environmental effects at each stem from the first stage of the product to the presentation of it to the consumer is another certificate the company has. Documentation of safety requested in the processes such as safety of the employees, management of warehouse and shipment areas, ensuring physical safety of the plant, loading operations, electronic data circulation and logistics have been ensured with Global Security Verification (GSV). Ege Seramik has French Standard NF UPEC Certificate. Audition stages for the countries to which is exported have been concluded positively. With "TSE Double Star" certificate given by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), products of Ege Seramik have been verified to have the characteristics more than those stated in Turkish, European and American Standards without staying in minimum conditions. Information Security Management System has been set up by putting policies and procedures in TSE ISO IEC 27001 standard into action. Thanks to this system, awareness of all employees and related parties have been increased more and protection shield over information sources have been strengthened. Opening ceremony of production plants, which are the first environment-friendly in Turkey and which reduce natural gas consumption, was held in 2015. Ege Seramik determines product groups which are appropriate to the expectations and needs of the developing market and continuous its investments in this are consistently. Ege Seramik put the first eco-ceramic baking oven of Turkey, unmanned forklift robots, automatic packaging machines, palette stacking machines, post-shaping granule painting facilities, palette netting and hooping lines into use. Ege Seramik has a strong distribution channel with more than 150 dealers in Turkish Market and more than 2000 sub-dealers. At the same time, with the export it has made to more than 50 countries, it is continuing to increase its power in foreign markets day by day. Needs of all market are met with product portfolio which is renewed continuously and which follow trends closely. Ege Seramik, with the works it has performed according to company mission and vision bears the righteous honor of forwarding continuously.



“Ankara Asfaltı 26. km, İzmir, Turkey”

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